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Faster Melee HD BETA Release!

Today we are announcing another cool discovery. In short, we figured out how to batch process all relevant textures (over 4600!) in the game to HD quality. This is using an advanced Spline algorithm that upscales to 300% for 1080p displays. It is not the FINAL product - this is a BETA. Meaning that users need to understand that this is not perfect, but it's a significant improvement for most textures. It improves sharpness, resolution, and anti-aliasing. It works on all current versions of Dolphin. This is all done client side and does not cause desyncs on netplay if your opponent does not have the texture pack.

Understand that in order to get this out as fast as possible after the discovery, we made a custom preset that enhances all textures moderately. Like, for better edge refinements - while a character costume might allow for more sharpening. There are a bunch of parameters that can be pushed way further then explained in the video, all these textures can be pushed further if a custom preset is made for each TYPE. For example, a "text" based texture might allow they currently are - but these parameters can affect textures differently. Some textures get worse and some get better with these parameters pushed too far. So the BETA is just a relatively conservative preset that improves everything. If you want to help improve the project, talk to us on Discord! Also special thanks to UnclePunch for helping out with the Dolphin Dumping process and explaining the Load process!

HD Ex 1 HD Ex 2

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Posted on 6/21/2016 by: TruckJitsu