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Faster Melee is a community made for players who want to advance the way we play Super Smash Bros. Melee. Whether it's Dolphin, Netplay, or 20XX - we're interested in it. Especially mods regarding input lag like using low latency displays, Wii2HDMI Adapters, or Dolphin running at 200% emulation. If you want to be at the bleeding edge, join our Discord for the latest updates. Our Discord is a great place to discuss and test these advancements. We also have a channel for Netplay so you can find other players online looking to test out the new Dolphin 120FPS build.

This is also the home of the Faster Melee Netplay Build. For support, go into our Discord's #support channel and post about your problem, when it occurs, and the specs of your setup. Try to post everything in one single message rather than 5 messages spread out.

All of the big write-ups will be posted here on the website. This includes guides, videos, and other news related to advancing SSBM. All of the micro updates will be posted in the updates channel in the Discord. This includes new versions of the FM Netplay build as we add new features or fix bugs. You can also follow me on Twitter @ TruckJitsu and I'll be occasionally streaming on Twitch to help explain some of the bigger write-ups.

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Last updated on 9/28/2016