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120FPS Melee Comes to SmashLadder!


Faster Melee is teaming up with SmashLadder to add 120FPS Melee to its line up. With an ever-growing amount of players who desire to use the Dolphin 120FPS build, we needed to help make it easier to find matches. The Dolphin 120FPS build will not replace the current build, but serve as an option for users who want to take advantage of the latest features from the Faster Melee project. While some of the features like less input lag and increased smoothness look appealing, Faster Melee isn't for everyone. It should be noted that Dolphin 120FPS takes up much more resources than the current build, and there might be some instability on your end if your computer isn't powerful enough - especially if you're trying to stream with Dolphin 120FPS running.

Game Settings

For the users who want to test out the newer bleeding edge features, aren't burdened from updating more frequently, and understand the trade-off with resources and stability, you can click on your username on the top right of the SmashLadder website to access your Game Settings page which will allow you to add the Faster Melee project to your games list.

Faster Melee on the Games List

Once you added Faster Melee to your game list and hit save, you'll be able to find a match like normal using the Play! button. You should see Faster Melee added like in the screenshot below:

Games under Play!

After you hit the Play! button, you should see Faster Melee as an option. At the moment, Faster Melee is limited to unranked friendlies and does not affect your normal Melee rank. In the future, Faster Melee will most likely be added as a "build preference" for Melee and will not be considered as a separate game.

Select A Game

When you add Faster Melee to your Game List, you'll notice the Faster Melee chatroom is also added for you. While this was made to have a place for more focused discussion about Faster Melee, you are still free to talk about Faster Melee in the standard Melee chatroom as well.

Dolphin GitHub Pull Requests

Dolphin is constantly changing. By adding another build for players to use, we gain the ability to try out some of the new features being added to Dolphin before they're added to the default build SmashLadder is using. For example, as I talked about in the initial article, there is an input polling issue with build -7840 that was fixed in -8586 and fixed in the 120FPS build. SmashLadder will also be adding this fix to their default build on the big Dolphin 5.0 release, but just know in general, Faster Melee will be updating more frequently compared to the main build on SmashLadder.

The reasons for this boil down to two main points. One, SmashLadder's main build needs to be more stable and thoroughly tested. Two, we can't have a large majority of users updating for smaller fixes. This would cause problems with too many players not having the same build and would also complicate the setup process from having to adjust the settings after every update. Luckily with Faster Melee, it is Netplay ready out of the box and already setup when you do have to update. But even so, we will generally only be releasing new versions for significant features that would be worth updating for. And SmashLadder would take that a bit further only forcing users to upgrade after major improvements come out.

Discord Netplay Voice Chat

Some people might be wondering what this means for our Discord channel. Just like how 120FPS Melee doesn't replace normal Melee, SmashLadder does not replace the Faster Melee Discord. If you want to participate in the Faster Melee tournaments, that'll be coordinated in the Discord and you'll need a Faster Melee rank as well. Did you want the latest info on what's coming for the future builds? Check out the #research channel. Having an issue or found a bug? Post it in the #support channel. Looking to download the latest version of the project? Check the #updates channel. Looking for a higher ranked player to give you tips while you play? Use the #netplay channel and join the netplay voice chat for live communication. Want to participate with the Faster Melee Twitch Stream or with other users streaming 120FPS? That'll also be in the Discord. Streamers are also welcome to promote their streams in the Discord as long as they follow the latest guidelines posted in #updates. We'll even use @here so everyone online can see that you're streaming.

So for Faster Melee updates, downloads, support issues, rankings, tournaments, streaming, live testing, development, research, and VoIP - we will be using the Discord. For matchmaking, feel free to continue using Discord or go ahead and try finding matches on SmashLadder. In general, for finding matches, our Discord is a much smaller group with more of a training approach to it. That's why the ranking system is the way it is. It's designed for players to be able to discuss ways to improve while also taking advantage of VoIP. In the future, we'll start a scheduled weekly session for lower ranked players to ask higher ranked players specific questions on their game and how to improve. This will also go along with the scheduling of tournaments for specific regions.

Well that pretty much wraps up the SmashLadder news. Stay tuned for updates on the upcoming v4, new Widescreen options, LAN events, FM Streams, tournaments, and making Faster Melee even faster with new the Raphnet adapters!

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Posted on 5/28/2016 by: TruckJitsu