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Make Dolphin Feel Like Console with Triple Buffering

Ever wondered why Dolphin still feels different compared to console? Well there's two reason for this. One is VSync not being enabled, and the other is XFB being disabled. The External Frame Buffer being disabled is good because it reduces input lag by a full frame. However, this makes it feel different than console. The good news is, we figured out how to leverage this frame for VSync. And we can do that with OpenGL Triple Buffering. OpenGL Triple Buffering only takes up 1 frame of lag compared to traditional VSync and fits perfectly in our pipeline for making Dolphin feel like Console.

Posted on 7/14/2016 by: TruckJitsu

Faster Melee HD BETA Release!

Today we are announcing another cool discovery. In short, we figured out how to batch process all relevant textures (over 4600!) in the game to HD quality. This is using an advanced Spline algorithm that upscales to 300% for 1080p displays. It is not the FINAL product - this is a BETA. Meaning that users need to understand that this is not perfect, but it's a significant improvement for most textures. It improves sharpness, resolution, and anti-aliasing. It works on all current versions of Dolphin. This is all done client side and does not cause desyncs on netplay if your opponent does not have the texture pack.

Posted on 6/21/2016 by: TruckJitsu

Response to the "Debunking" Debate

Response to the Debunking Debate

Posted on 6/17/2016 by:

120FPS Melee Comes to SmashLadder!

Faster Melee is teaming up with SmashLadder to add 120FPS Melee to its line up. With an ever-growing amount of players who desire to use the Dolphin 120FPS build, we needed to help make it easier to find matches. The Dolphin 120FPS build will not replace the current build, but serve as an option for users who want to take advantage of the latest features from the Faster Melee project. While some of the features like less input lag and increased smoothness look appealing, Faster Melee isn't for everyone. It should be noted that Dolphin 120FPS takes up much more resources than the current build, and there might be some instability on your end if your computer isn't powerful enough - especially if you're trying to stream with Dolphin 120FPS running.

Posted on 5/28/2016 by: TruckJitsu

Following up on Melee 120FPS

About a week ago, I created Faster Melee - which is a community for players who want to push Melee further. For players who actually want Melee HD to be a reality rather than just talking about it. For players who want to have the least amount of input lag as possible - especially for online play. So I posted a write-up going over the the process of how Dolphin 120FPS came to be and what makes the lag reduction possible. But of course, we ran into skeptics that didn't hesitate to call the process a placebo.

Posted on 5/12/2016 by: TruckJitsu

NEW! Major Lag Reductions Discovered for Melee

This discovery opens up the possibly to play Melee online without input lag if your ping is 50ms or lower. In theory, this lag reduction saves up to 1.5 frames compared to a standard console and 60Hz TV. This involves either using the new 120FPS build of Dolphin or using the new Gecko Code that tries to do the same thing in-game without Dolphin doing the work (more on this later). If you have a 60Hz monitor, you will still save about ~1 frame total from either of these hacks. If you have a 120Hz monitor, that extends to ~1.5 frames from the transmission time being reduced by half a frame. Currently this in-game version does not yet work on console - in theory it can work though so we still have hope.

Posted on 5/4/2016 by: TruckJitsu