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Real Talk Podcast

Added a new page for the Faster Melee Real Talk podcast. You can see a list of episodes and get updates for future episodes by clicking on Podcast. Real Talk is a bi-weekly podcast streamed on Wednesdays at 8:30pm CST.

Posted on 12/14/2017 by: TruckJitsu

Discord is experiencing a temporary outage

Nothing has been post on their Status page or Twitter yet. We will update you guys as soon as we have more information. Even their own Partner Server is down.

Update: We're back online!

Posted on 7/25/2017 by: TruckJitsu

Website is being updated!

We're under construction adding new features and pages to make the website more useful. We're also revamping the Discord as well. Stay tuned!

Posted on 7/10/2017 by: TruckJitsu